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  1. JamesHP, Nov 17, 2014
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    I've decided I'm gonna get a retina 13" MBP, but I was wondering how long the process took with the UK online store's finance option. I'll have the cash upfront in 3 weeks or so but I was wondering if it might be quicker getting it on the finance deal and settling it once I have the cash, so I get it earlier.

    So, if anyone has taken this option before I'd be grateful in learning approximately how long the process took from order to delivery; if it's a relatively short time then the likelihood is I'll run with it.
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    May 29, 2012
    Used it a couple of times (always when the Christmas 0% offer is on, which will probably show up again in a couple of weeks). The finance takes 3-4 days to set up (possibly longer if you get referred and have to actually talk to Barclays/Clydesdale).

    After that it takes as long as it takes to build/ship, check estimated the delivery dates in the Apple store.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    Can do it instore there and then

    My first mac was bought on finance in an apple store they did it there and then and I walked out with the macbook pro. It is done through barclays.

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