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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sdashiki, Oct 25, 2005.

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    well now that I have your attention.

    Have you ever heard/seen/puked over Peter Jackson's 3rd movie:


    It is also known as Dead Alive in the US, Canada, sometimes Germany and a few other places im sure. I myself have only ever seen the Rated-R US release, clocking in at 85 minutes.

    The UK/AUS release(s) is(are) the most "complete", though Jackson has said he prefers the Uncut US release because of pacing. They clock in at 100+ minutes.

    Facts/Alternate Versions

    bootleg US release and another
    the real UK release, the one to get

    Though no one can ever seem to come up with a correct running time, whether its because the running times given by IMDB are actual times or from the boxes of each DVD remains to be seen whenever I pick a version up and watch.

    Now if you like zombie flicks and the like, you know anything cut has to be at least something worth watching, even if sometimes its only 3 frames before a cut away from something gruesome. So when I spent a long time looking for a US uncut, and in the process found the truly uncut and complete UK editions, running at the full 104 minutes.

    There are a couple on eBay all the time, from the US we have bootlegs and simple re-encodings of a Region 2 DVD into a Region 1 (or 0). Some are from Germany but no one ever knows the true running time or cares to find out, and the names change from Braindead to DeadAlive each time.

    being in the US the only version I can watch is a Region 1 Uncut, the preferred version but still 7 minutes short. But with my XBOX i can watch any region, so finding/buying a UK release aint so bad. Though I have seen strange NTSC braindead releases, maybe they are still the 97 min version with the title changed.
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    The zombie dinner party in the basement is hysterical. So is the big finale in the kitchen with the blender. :D

    Don't think the VHS video release here in Norway was cut at all, but I don't have the tape available. There were some stories in the news at the time, where they considered banning it, cutting it or just give it the highest certification, and as far as I remember the video release got through untouched in the end.

    The Norwgian DVD release (as a part of the Peter Jackson Collection) is clocked at 99 minutes.

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