UK consumer law... use it, it works.

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    (UK only - I think)

    Just wanted to encourage anyone to keep pushing with requests for repairs.

    My original series watch developed an issue where the screen had a massive black area that displayed nothing.
    I took it to Apple and was told no chance of a free repair. I mentioned the UK consumer rights law and that a £500+ watch should be expected to work as sold for more than 3 or 4 years and was told despite that it won’t get repaired for free no matter who I speak to.

    But... it’s the law. (Although there is some complexity in it).

    Anyway, basic result is that whilst it took over 2 months, multiple emails, phone calls and Apple store visits. I am now wearing a completely “new” replaced watch for free.

    Sadly they had spare original gen ones as I must confess to secretly hoping they’d run out by now and I’d get a gen 1 or 2... but turns out Apple is a rather large company! ;-)

    Anyway.. point is, if you feel you are covered under consumer law, in the UK at least, keep pushing even if you’re told you are not.
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    Apr 15, 2010

    Nice, you got the replacement/repair your were entitled to by law :)
    It's a pity you always have to jump through hoops to get things done, that is required by law, here in Holland we have the same kind of law, and also sometimes the same problems.
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    Technology has issues, fact of life.
    Any company expects things to last, but the reality is, depends how its used.. Don't't bother with trying to get around the law...... It doesnt' work..

    You have rights and companies like Apple may have their own "tweaks" to suit them, but that doesn't mean the customers always has the right regardless of the law.. Its like the first rule you use to tell Apple if they fail to deliver "Well, look t this, its the law" and you show then printed copy of UK printout if you must..

    That's basically as far as it can go.

    I kind of jump through 'hoops' when replacing stuff, because sometimes "I' know i caused the issue, but i take on faith to see if I can I can away with it with free replacement.. If so, no harm done, and if not, ok so be it.... But if you never try you'll never know. As it happens, Apple never charged my CC for a logic board, I basically attempted to fix on my own.. The result, was a free Mac replacement... (express post),,, I would never go into store to do THAT.

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