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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by John Jacob, Oct 14, 2008.

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    John Jacob

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    Hey folks,

    I tried to buy a new MacBook from the UK online educational store. I am staying in University accommodation and since I used the university network to access the store, I was able to configure my MacBook, add an iPod Nano under the back to school offer, and add all the additional software that I need to my order. I then clicked the checkout button. This is when my troubles started.

    When I reached the screen to enter my card billing address, the field for country showed "United Kingdom" and this field was not editable. Now, I am an international student from India, and the billing address on my credit card is an Indian address (I have a UK credit card as well, but I would strongly prefer to make large purchases such as this one from my Indian card). The delivery address would of course have been to the UK, but the first screen that came up was for billing address, and I got stuck there.

    Anybody have any suggestions for me to get out of this dilemma? Or do I have to call Apple (I'll do that tomorrow morning anyways).

    One additional question: does anybody know of any good offers for Mac Office 2008 for students? I tried to order on where Office:mac is available for around 35 pounds, but it turns out this is only for SCHOOL students, and not for university students. :eek:

    Thanks in advance,
    - John
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    You're going to have to call apple. I have a US and a UK card and it's frustrating trying to buy with one and have it shipped to another - and I do realize that with cc fraud high these days, the cc companies are adding more and more layers to shipping/identity process.

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