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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by deany, Oct 28, 2015.

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    If like me you pay the £9.99 a month for GPM, here is a way to get it for approx £8.25 or equal to 2 months FREE a year.

    Log in to your GPM account and change the 'default payment' method to 'store credit'

    Pop into Tesco, they have 15% off at the moment on Google Play vouchers £10, £25, £50. If you buy in multiples of £60 you get 150 clubcard points or = £1.50

    So if you buy £120 worth they will cost £102 plus you get £3.00 in points.

    I'm getting that to approx £8.25 a month.

    OFFER ENDS Sunday 08/11/15

    You only get the 150 points for each multiple of £60 i.e.

    £60/£120/£180/£240/£300 etc

    Every little helps!

    Hope this helps someone

    ex Spotify subscriber for four years. GPM for nearly a year, VERY happy with GPM)
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    Jun 3, 2011
    Thanks for this. Handy way to save a couple of quid.

    Like you, ex-Spotify subscriber. Moved because Spotify and Sonos decided to get themselves in a mess. I like GPM, upload of music library is excellent. But the iOS app is a mess for uploaded albums. So many duplicate albums...every version is the same. Checked metadata, duplicates don't appear in the web app, but the iOS app has 2, 3 and some even 4 duplicates of individual albums.
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    Exactly the same for me, dulpicate albums shoeing on ios, strange. But I love GPM so I'm hoping they'll sort it soon

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