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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Zedsdead185, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Sep 14, 2006
    Hi dudes.
    I'm getting paid tomorrow and will finally have enough money to put towards a macbook pro as my christmas present. I'm going to be buying it from the bullring store with my NUS card to have it lowered in price from £1299 to something like £1104. However, i have a couple of questions to ask

    1- I would like to buy it this weekend in order to get a free nano with it. I would just like to check that there isn't a macbook pro update due before christmas cos if there is then i won't bother with the nano. I haven't heard any rumours of one but i thought I'd double check with u guys :D

    2- In order to get the free nano does it effect the discount that i have off of my macbook pro? Cos if it means having to pay more for the mac then i won't bother.

    3- This has probably been asked loads and is probably still uncertain, but i'll ask anyway, if i buy this weekend, will it come with leopard? I don't want to get it at christmas and realise i have to pay a little extra to send off for leopard install disks. :p

    4- Last but not least, do apple do any kind of education discounts on external hard drives, wireless mighty mouse and laptop cases? Or is it just on their own stuff?

    Thanks for any help in advance. It is greatly appreciated :cool:
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    Oct 17, 2007
    Hey man, im pretty new here but i'll try to help ya out!!

    I ordered my new Macbook yesterday, so had these questions myself!

    1. Honestly dunno, im not the guy to ask!

    2. No getting the free Nano doesnt affect the amazing student discount, BUT you do have to pay for it in the first place, and then you get the money back once you fill in a wee form when your laptop arrives.

    3. No, i phoned Apple and asked this same question and was told it'll be a few weeks before Leopard comes pre-installed, but was told that because you bought your mac after a certain date, you can buy Leopard for £5 or £6: and when it arrives itll be exactly like it would be if you just bought Leopard separately, with the snazzy box and everything!!

    4. As far as im aware the student discount only applies to computers themselves, not additional hardware and definately not third-party stuff. Though, look out for the offer on the printers, i got 30% of a sweet printer, so it only cost £39.99!

    A bit of extra advice: get Applecare, its only £40 with the discount, but you have to buy it when you get the laptop, otherwise its full price (£200 or something?)

    Hope this helps!!

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