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    Aug 29, 2010
    Has anyone seen or tried this offer? What did you have on the device you traded in?

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    Aug 24, 2012
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    Aug 29, 2010
    Fixed it. Apologies, tried uploading on my iPod
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    Here are the Terms and Conditions... The picture looks a bit deceiving...

    *applies when purchasing a 16GB 4th generation iPod touch. *TERMS & CONDITIONS:
    1. HMV will, subject to these terms and conditions, accept the following iPods as a trade-in against the purchase of a new iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPod Classic.
    2. We will give you the following value for your old iPod subject to clause 6 below: 5th, 4th or 3rd Generation Touch £70, 1st or 2nd generation Touch £60, Classic £30, Nano 6th or 7th generation £15, Nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th generation £10, Shufle £5, Mini £5 You will be required to pay the difference in price for a new iPod.
    3. The iPod trade-in prices noted above are subject to change without prior notice.
    4. iPod trade-in’s are only available in HMV stores. This offer is not available online.
    5. The closing date of this offer is: 11.59pm on 18th November 2012.
    6. All trade-in iPods must be in full working order and of a quality satisfactory to HMV. HMV store staff will test your trade-in iPod to ensure the following criteria are met Your trade-in iPod: * Must switch on; * Must play at least 5 seconds of music through headphones and a speaker dock * Must have functions which work properly when scrolling through the music or application menu; * Must not show a sad face on screen; and * The iPod Screen must not be cracked and the iPod should not be broken or damaged by water. HMV store staff reserve the right to refuse any iPod for trade in, should any of the above conditions not be met.
    7. Trade-in iPod packaging, instructions, warranty cards, headphones or any other accessories are not required.
    8. Only one iPod trade - in per purchase of a new iPod.
    9. The iPod Trade-in offer is open to UK and Irish residents only, aged 16 or above.
    10. HMV reserves the right to refuse to accept multiple trade in iPod’s or stock which it believes to have been sourced through a trade buyer. This service is not available to businesses.
    11. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and cannot be used retrospectively.
    12. No cash alternative is available.
    13. The trade in iPods will be disposed of via a third party and, therefore no return of the old unit will be possible. For new iPod returns please see HMV’s returns policy on Any returns/refunds on the new iPod will take the trade-in value into consideration.
    14. Please note that if your trade-in iPod contains any personal data at trade-in (including photographs), this data will be accessible by HMV and any third party disposing of the iPod. The data will be deleted at disposal by the third party.
    15. The Promoter - HMV UK Limited, 50 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 1EA.
    16. HMV’s decision in the exercise of the interpretation of any rights or discretion in connection with these terms and conditions shall be final and binding. Customers who trade-in their iPod will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.
    17. These terms and conditions are governed by and subject to English Law.
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    £70 trade in for a brand new touch, and £15 for a brand new Nano? I see HMV is up to its usual tricks.

    As usual, you get an awful price for trading in. I would never accept £10 for my 4th and 5th generation nano, or £5 for my minis.

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