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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by andygitar, Oct 16, 2018.

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    Hi everyone

    I've just bought one of these crazy expensive MB Pro's, 2.9Ghz, 4TB drive, 32GB DDR4, I know I must be mental, but I need it for audio / video work..

    but does anyone know where you can get one of these insured against theft / loss etc? I've tried loads of the usual insurers but they all peak at about £2.5k..

    you'd think someone would do it..?

    anyway, if you had any suggestions that'd be fab, thanks!

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    First check with your credit card company (assuming you made the purchase with a CC) and also your home insurance. You may find you are covered by one of these already, and with home insurance you may be able to add the laptop as a named item if it’s not already sufficiently covered.

    If you want a specific itemised insurance for your laptop, just google for laptop insurance, there are 1000’s of offers out there, look for companies that specialise in things like photographic equipment/ AV equipment. I suspect the problem you will find is that it will be uneconomic (read too expensive) to insure the laptop individually. Insurance companies that deal with such cases are generally dealing with items used for work purposes, and so the end users see more benefit than a private individual.
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    Not many options for individual items at that price, which aren’t worth it imo. I’d go with a contents insurance policy, which will additionally cover you for a lot of other portables including mobiles. Many allow you to use them outside and any damage done outside your home is still claimable.
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