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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by slashjunior, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Hey there,

    In the not to distance future I will be travelling to Australia for 6 months :cool: , but I have a couple of issues regarding the iPhone 3G before I go!

    I currently have an official iPhone 3G with O2-UK. Obviously going there for that period of time I have decided that getting a pre-paid SIM card will be the best option. I notice Vodafone is one of the official carriers of the iPhone in Australia. Would it be possible to just buy a pre-paid Vodafone Australia SIM and I am good to go or am I going to have to jailbreak and unlock? I am not sure whether iPhones come the same worldwide or whether UK phones are only tied to O2-UK or whether you can use it with other official carriers worldwide like AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile Germany etc.

    Second problem. I am planning to travel light plus I don't want to take anything too valuable so will hopefully be leaving my MacBook at home. I know the iPhone is a phone and it should work without a computer for 6 months no problem. However, I am slightly concerned that IF something does go wrong which might happen in 6 months of heavy use then I would have no way of connecting it up to my MacBook to do a restore. I can't really afford that to happen. I could take an unlocked backup phone. Would you use the iPhone 3G for 6 months without connecting to the computer? Am I being paranoid? I have thought about buying a cheap netbook for around £160 and using that, but the cheapest ones use Linux, and Linux + iPhone is a completely different problem!

    Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    It will only work there if you unlock and jailbreak.

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