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    Jan 27, 2014
    I have recently noticed that about 8-9 of the movies I have bought from itunes are different than the current one in the store.
    As an example amazing spiderman now in the store is different to the version I bought having more subtitles but strangely no more itunes extras.
    In your itunes library (computer) for each film you can click on "show in itunes store" and if you are taken to the home page of the store, rather than to the actual movie, you have a different version.
    The worst part is that
    a) I paid for 2 films again that I already bought. I was trying to download it from the iTunes Store, and since different version got charged again.
    b) I got two duplicate films in my library having to hide the ones I don't use
    c) some of the newer version have different covers, subtitle options or language options than the once I purchased

    Are we not getting access to these newer versions for free. I thought since it's all in the cloud it would just link to the newer version like it does with the new itunes extra.
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    Enable 'show purchases in the cloud' under settings to prevent you from purchasing a film twice. As for not getting the latest version, the UK gets screwed with film licenses compared to the US.

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