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    Hi all... I tried mobile me 12 months ago andleft as I felt the contacts sync didnt achieve everything I needed. So, i'm thinking about coming back. Is there any where in the UK I can just order a code from a 3rd party reseller (usually cheaper) and have it emailed to me.. the whole box thing seems a bit mad, plus I dont have to wait.
    1. Is there a list of what fields Oultlook will sync to Mobileme? I found a KB article on what woulnd supposedly sync but I have loads of fields filled..

    2. I use google sync to sync my google cal to outlook.. cna I still use this and will everything still be populated on all calanders?

    Thanks in adv
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    You can have custom fields in Address Book on OS X. If its a serial key that has not been used, get it from wherever it doesnt matter.

    I am not sure about Google cal syncing. Look around for google cal iphone sync or something

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