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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Petoz, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    I have pre-ordered the 4S from Apple, and am currently considering my network options come friday. GiffGaff goodybags, a The One Plan on Three look particularly good (although open to all suggestions). I like the potential for unlimited data, especially the tethering permitted on Three. However, if reception is as bad as some people suggest, unlimited is essentially pointless.

    I was hoping I could get the opinion from people who have used Three and/or GiffGaff, and other UK networks and how their experiences have been. I have searched google without much luck as lots of network reviews seem to be old or irrelevant.

    I'll start..... I've been with o2 for as long as I've had a mobile. I have never had a good reason to change. I have never had any problems with the network itself, with regards to coverage, speed etc. I have had fixed term contracts, and simplicity contracts, and changing has always been easy with the help of customer services. Recently there was a bit go a c*ck up when swapping from BB data to iPhone data, so I was charged daily data rates. Very frustrating at the time, but upon speaking to CS, they realised the mistake, refunded the data charge and I am currently receiving a £5 off loyalty bonus each month from my simplicity contract as a result.

    On the downside, I feel o2 are pretty stingy on the number of minutes for the cost of the contracts they offer, and a 500mb data bolt-on for £6 each month, does not seem as competitive as other networks. Hence my reason for looking elsewhere.

    I am fully aware some forum users are purely here plug the services of some networks (I won't name any names), so I will choose to take these opinions with a pinch of salt. But would appreciate any other views, good or bad to help me make an informed decision. This might help a number of people, and should be more accessible than searching through the UK iPhone 4S thread (all 59 pages currently).

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    May 7, 2011
    Im on a vodafone contract 600 mins unlimited texts and 500mb ushe for £35
    Maybe not the best but i find coverage brilliant i often get coverage on my phone when my girl on O2 gets none
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    I was with o2 for years. As you mentioned they had superb customer services and never wanted to leave. I switched to Three because their 3G coverage was superb and their plans were too good to ignore. In terms of network performance Three's 3G coverage and speed is superb. I never really had any signal issues.. Three have been heavily upgrading their network in recent months.

    Now customer services... This is a debated subject. For general enquiries and tariff changes they are fine. However if you ever have an issue that is when it get's difficult with them. However I also know others who had no problem. But I won't lie, o2 customer services is superb and beats 3's hands down. Having said that there is a redeeming side.. Three's Twitter team are really superb and very helpful. Also if you do ever have a genuine issue you can raise a complaint with 3's scottish call centre who are also very helpful as well. Its just the main customer service who are hit and miss. Overall they are fine but if you ever have an issue its best to go via the Twitter team or scottish complaint number.

    Despite their avg customer service i couldn't go back to o2 as 3's 3G coverage and all you can eat data is spot on and its truly all you can eat. :)

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