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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by CavemanUK, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Obviously im fully aware that this is in beta and nothing is set in stone. servers arent all fully running yet and somethings are just not complete yet but that said, there are certainly some observations that need to be made... I will be submitting these to apple too...

    Siri in the UK
    I'm from North Wales. iOS6 Siri has currently taken a step backwards in pronouncing names. in iOS5 I was very surprised it could even recognise welsh names but it did. Currently its reading them as if its english.

    Siri's integration with Maps and Yelp are essential for its success unless apple can pull from other locations. Yelp results are currently awful. This seems to be partly because yelp just isnt as popular here as it is in the US. There are hardly any reviews in North Wales so ratings are going to be a problem unless Yelp can do some kind of publicity drive. Currently the search results from Siri/Yelp and the Yelp app dont seem to match. Siri is supposed to give you search results based on your journey (if you use the new turn-by-turn in maps) yet for my 2 mile journey that passes 4 petrol stations, siri was recomending ones in liverpool over 40 miles away!

    A possible bug is how Siri reads contact data. My girlfriend's home address is correctly listed in my contacts and asking Siri to take me to my girlfriends home should be easy enough but Siri just says there is no 'home' address. yet if you ask siri what her home address is, he reads it fine.

    The maps app does look great but currently map data is being pulled very slowly here, even on WIFI. This could just be because apples map servers aren't up to full strength yet.

    Turn-by-turn works really well and is implemented how you would expect apple to do it but currently theres no way to change unit measurement or (as far as I could see) no way to turn off voice and just use the graphics. This is annoying if you are playing music on your iphone at same time.

    Flyover looks great but is just a gimmick until large portions of the UK are mapped in this way.

    Streetview is currently missing and is going to be a major step backwards if this is missing when iOS is finally released. street level viewing is critical nowadays. I use it on a daily basis.

    It would be nice if I could plan a route on the iPad and pass it to the iPhone using iCloud.

    Other Observations
    Graphical changes are nice and give it a more refreshed look. Would be nice to have a radical change to the look after all this time but it still looks nice.

    Twitter and facebook integration is very well done but still needs work to merge contacts correctly. Theres a definate difference between facebook and normal contacts. Sometimes duplicated. Contacts can be linked but when they are linked, you cant make them VIP's.

    Do Not Disturb is a very welcome addition. As is Remind me Later.

    Currently the Music App sometimes plays the wrong song. The new look is very nice though.

    iPad 3 on Wifi is temporamental on what routers it will connect to. It absolutely flat out refuses to browse the net on my friends Netgear DG834G. It connects wirelessly but wont browse. iPhone 4S on same network works fine. Ive seen others complaining of this too.

    iCloud Tabs seems generally pointless and unnecessary. It certainly shouldnt be touted as a new feature.

    Clocks on iPad is welcomed. Weather should be brought to iPad too.

    Creating folders and naming the STILL drops the first letter to lower case. This has been happening since early iOS5 beta's and makes no sense.

    Overall this is the most stable beta they have ever released and I certainly welcome the updates.

    Im convinced Facebook 'Likes' in the app store is the start of apple dropping Ping.

    Passbook looks like it could be good but hard to tell until some companies start using it.

    Kinda feels like there should be more though!

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