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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by woodbine, Feb 17, 2012.

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    I am soon going to downsize my MP to the next MBP (whenever that arrives....)
    and need some buying advice for stuff available in the UK.

    I will be getting a TB Apple Display as well.

    In the MP I have quite a few drives that I would like to take out and use with the MBP. But the enclosures I really like are all from OWC and not I believe available in the UK. I could have them sent over, but run the risk of customs charges.

    What similar enclosures are available in the UK that don't cost the earth.

    What I am thinking is single or double drive enclosures, nice case, with FW800 and maybe also eSATA. I would probably also get the NewerTechnology TB to Express34 adapter from OWC. So I have the option of eSATA and or extra FW800.

    I am sure this all sounds a bit vague, well it is! I have about 5 drives in the MP and some are used daily, others are used occasionally.

    For the occasional use drives, I am considering one or two of those drive docks that take a bare drive in the top.

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    I suggest you go to Amazon UK and search on "External Firewire Drive" - read reviews. Then ask questions here about specific cases.

    Personally, I like having at least 2 of the same case type so if a power supply dies, it's real quick to get a drive back up and running. I'm using 2 Macally Firewire/Sata/USB cases myself.

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