UK PAYG: Simlock question

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stu.h, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. stu.h macrumors 65816


    May 8, 2010
    West Midlands, England.
    Ive found out that Vodafone are doing the 4S for £480 or thereabouts.

    Now, carphone warehouse are saying that with the PAYG handsets are only locked to the FIRST SIM that is put in the phone.

    Therefore, if I got a PAYG 4S on any network, and I put my O2 SIM in first, it should be then locked to O2, right?

    I've scowered the interwebs for a definitive answer, but couldn't really find much.
  2. crunkcrumpet macrumors member

    Apr 28, 2005
    CPW are right, the phone will lock when the sim is put in the phone.
  3. androiphone macrumors 65816

    Dec 13, 2009
    a sim free iPhone 4S is £499, is it worth it saving £19? note you will likely have to spend £20 to get it unlocked in the future. (also do you have to buy a compulsory top up on PAYG?)

    just buy it sim free straight up, don't waste your time getting a PAYG model.

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