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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Applespider, Sep 4, 2006.

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    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    Have now decided to try out a Nokia again (probably N73) as a change from my current SE750i - not least since I don't think the k800 is a big enough 'change' for me.

    I like the idea of the Nokia browser but am slightly alarmed after looking at some of the data rate charges. I currently have a free MB a month (on O2 online) but since O2 have only recently been able to charge, I'm not sure whether this would usually be enough and it's tough to keep track of usage on their site. Their next package is an additional £8 a month for 5MB.

    The only other sensible option seems to be T-mobile who offer a WebnWalk with less minutes/texts but free web which would probably be more sensible aside from the fact that they don't have any of the newer Nokias available.

    Anyone got any thoughts on which combination of phone provider and data they'd recommend? I'm looking at most likely refreshing pages with football scores for a few hours each week to give you some idea of traffic.
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    I can't be of specific help here, but...

    Some of the mobile apps I write at work run on O2 XDA's (fancy-pants PDA's with a phone smooshed in). Our tariff for those is £11.99 including 2 meg data.

    One thing I can recommend is that whichever network you decide, see if you can track down an app for your device which keeps an eye on data usage. It's really quite difficult to know exactly how much you're using without one of these, especially since what you see onscreen sometimes doesn't really give you a good idea of how much data's being transferred.
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    Jan 20, 2004
    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    Yeah... I guess so.

    Perhaps I'll just have to fight them down on the contract and see where I end up.

    The other option over the N73 is the wifi enabled N80 (which I do like the look of) but then whether or not you find a wifi signal can be pretty hit and miss too!
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    Kent, UK - the 'Garden of England'.
    T-Mobile's Flext with Web n Walk are arguably the best value tariffs in the UK at the moment, if only due to the 'flextibility' to spend the calling allowance on calls/texts/mms while also having 'unlimited' on-mobile browsing. Note that using the handset as a modem, using VoIP apps and using IM apps is not permitted.

    My personal choice of tariff is the Vodafone SIM-Only one that includes 1,000 free texts. That texts pack also doubles as a data pack, giving me up to ~50MB. Browsing Vodafone Live! is free.

    For talk on mobile data in the UK you may find Talk3G helpful as you continue your search.

    Edit: I have an N80. It's okay... I've never connected to a WiFi hotspot other than at home, though.
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    The N73 is much nicer than the N80 - I've been using both at work and while both are still fairly large phones the N80 feels much more bulky, and the slide isn't as well designed as on the Samsung D600 etc, it has no spring to it so feels dull to use.

    How about the Sony Ericsson W950i? Should be out this quarter and offers a touch screen interface - so a bit of a change from the K750i.

    What networks would you consider, have you got a good signal from all of them where you live/work?

    T-Mobiles plans are supposed to be pretty competitive at the moment for calls /texts.

    3 are good for football content, free videos goal alerts etc and the tariffs are pretty good value.

    I'm on O2 at the moment and the data costs are quite expensive on my tariff but they might have cheaper ones now (I got my contract 10 months ago...)

    Oh, and of course, if you ring up your final choice and ask if they'll price match a rival tariff, or maybe do you a better deal to secure your custom, quite often they'll say yes. If they don't on the first try ring back and get through to another person who's a bit more generous :)
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    Jan 20, 2004
    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    Used to have a p800 which was a combination of good and bad. So not entirely sure about going back to a touchscreen. And it's not out yet... and not sure how much longer I want to wait.

    Good signal for all of them. Orange can be a little hit and miss at my mum's place but not a big deal. No idea on 3. I'm on O2 currently

    I know... and especially their web n walk tariffs which no-one else comes close on. But they don't have the latest Nokias... and no inkling of where they're coming.

    Wrong kinda football. It's that I need to access for 6 hours or so every Sunday evening... Don't really care about watching TV on it - just getting to the website to see the latest score/position on field ;)

    I guess I'll just need to make the final call that I go for the N73 or wait for w950 or N93... since wifi might be just as dear. That Vodafone SIM looks tempting. If my first O2 data bill seems v high, then I could just buy that SIM for Oct to Dec when I'm likely to want to check the scores!
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    Aug 29, 2006
    Try getting a deal at the dealership? Just got a N73 this week and enjoying it :)

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