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    Hi, I have a really weird request. I live outside the UK (U.S.) and downloaded a U.K. song only available in U.K. iTunes. I like to download my album artwork from iTunes for my music. However, because I live outside the U.K., I cannot download the album artwork for the song (need a U.K.-region-billing Apple ID). Soo...I was wondering if somebody could

    ...or at least that's how I worded it to a probably-not-super-iTunes-savvy-individual on a random U.K. chat room I found...ha ha ha:rolleyes:

    Basically, all I want is for someone in the U.K. with an Apple ID to "Get Album Artwork" in iTunes for album "In Arms (Remix) - EP" by [Album] Artist "David's Lyre" and upload the image on an image hosting site such as ImageShack and post/PM me the URL.

    I WOULD just get the album artwork from online, but a quality image is NOWHERE to be found. (200x200 is the biggest one) I also got the song outside of iTunes, in case you were wondering how I got a hold of it in the first place.

    It'd be awesome if someone could do this for me! It's honestly really simple, and if you download artwork from iTunes all the time, this should be a piece of cake! Thanks a ton!:D

    --Album Artwork Fanatic
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    This is the best site for getting hi res artwork, regardless of where you live or what iTunes account you have.....all my 35 gb of music has 1500x1500 artwork.....takes times to do, but really worth the effort.

    Check it out:
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    Dude! Thanks for the tips, guys! Definitely didn't realize you could make an account without a credit card! Alright!

    Thanks for the Art!


    P.S. 35gb of music with 1500x1500 artwork each!?!? Nice!:cool:

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