UK source for new Mac Pro 2008 power supply?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by nigelbb, Oct 19, 2014.

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    The power supply on my 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 has failed. I know it has failed as I have another identical Mac Pro & swapped the power supplies back & forth & the fault followed the power supply. I need to find a new power supply.

    am reluctant to spend £150 on a used system pull which is all I can find on eBay. I am also reluctant to spend about £240 plus import taxes on a new unit from the US as even if it was new any warranty claim would be problematic.

    A word of warning. I tried to get my power supply repaired by a seller on eBay but after sending them my power supply they not only didn't repair it but refuse to return it. I eventually got eBay to refund me the money that I paid up front for the repair but I haven't got the power supply returned so that I could get it repaired somewhere else. These crooks are no longer selling their repair service on eBay so I have little hope of getting the power supply back short of reporting them to the police for theft.
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    Sorry to hear that.
    Price wise you are prob looking at over £220 in UK for that PSU as a part from a retailer.
    What about another eBay seller, there does seem to be a few and they range from under £100 to around £180. Check it out and good luck.

    For Example
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    That's just a system pull albeit with a 90 day warranty. If I am going to spend that much (£149) I would rather spend a bit more & get a brand new part but the problem is that I cannot find a UK source for a new power supply.
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    Finding a brand new psu in the UK might be tough for the 3,1 Mac Pro.
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    I just bit the bullet & paid £149.50 for what is said to be a refurbished power supply

    The new power supply arrived this morning & either they have an amazing way of refurbishing these or it is brand spanking new. Fitted it just now & it works perfectly. Quieter than the one that died.

    BTW I have had precious little help from eBay over the repair service that took my old power supply then didn't return it. eBay gave me what was alleged to be the seller's phone number & it turned out to be disconnected. I am still waiting for the address (that they must have) so that I take the seller to the Small Claims Court.
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    Good to hear you got one sorted.
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    Andy Howell
    13 Albion Place
    ME14 5DY
    United Kingdom

    VAT number: UK 587 7013 12

    This is the contact details I see on their auction entry...
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