UK street weaponry


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Mar 10, 2004
Is it just me or are there an insane amount of insane chavs with weapons about in London at the moment?

in the last couple of days i had a happy couple of chavs opposite me on the tube asking if i knew 'stanley', the yellow stanley knife in his pocket, and yesterday another couple of chavs at herne hill train station walking around swinging a golf club (and i'm no golfer but i don't think he was swinging it quite how you'd hit a golf ball) not only that but he said he had it 'in case someone hits me'

now all the people involved seemed to me like they'd be pretty innefective with their chosen weaponry if you know what you're doing (a stanley knife? come on, the blades are designed to break off of those things) but it's alarming seeing people talk casually about using them.

I carry a martial arts fan when it's too hot but i've never hurt anyone with it (nor do i intend to), just scared incoming attackers off with the very loud noise it makes when you open it just so :D

be safe :rolleyes:


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Sep 14, 2006
In tamworth the chavs pretend to have a weapon. they swing their hands about mimicking holding a knife or something and threaten you with it. deary me.:confused:


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Has it ever occured to anyone that kicking the living hell out of one of these kids to set an example to the rest may be needed? You know, stomping on the knee, the head, using a taser on his testicles?

Jeez, and I thought the gang-bangers in the US were lame...


Jan 18, 2005
If anything there are less gangs in my neck of the woods these days (Saddleworth). I keep hearing about problems in the city, but Manchesters a good way from here.

Now London. Call me Alan Partridge but I'd live away from London. Lots of scare stories making their way up here about hooded pricks breaking everything. You've even banned them from shopping centres I hear! They must be bad. You wanna get a few lads from Salford to come mess their faces up


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Mar 17, 2005
London, England
patrick0brien said:
<stupid Yank question>What's a 'chav'?</stupid Yank question>
Well here's a few answers Urban dictionary usually has fun insight into this sort of thing.

Obnoxious yoofs. So far I've found them to be annoying but mostly harmless; it seems like the problem is slightly over-exaggerated... but then I haven't been here that long. <shrugs>


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Feb 14, 2005
Northern Ireland
People from mainland Britain used to be scared of people from Northern Ireland, hell we're all scared of London, it has a terrible reputation.