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Discussion in 'iPad' started by rirawin, May 10, 2017.

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    Sis has a Ipad Pro EE which was bought on ebay last year. Now the problem is recently the screen has developed some issues, namely marks underneath. I know she looks after he equipment thoroughly and especially her Ipad Pro which is her grail of technology she owns. However, as she's not the original owner and was bought used, she can't get help by EE and checking the warranty it states this?

    Can anyone help or has any experience with this message?. Capture.PNG
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    Nov 23, 2011
    Basically UK consumer law means you have rights with the original seller, rather than the OEM. I'm stipulating that message indicates it was not purchased through Apple and instead through a reseller channel (more than likely EE if it's carrier locked).

    If EE aren't willing to help then it might be a bit of an initial struggle to take it up with them if you weren't the original owner or still have the POP. However as a starting guide I'd suggest the following:

    1) Take it to an Apple Store and see what the financial damage is for the repair.
    2) Confirm if this is a warranty failure – although your sister babies the product, it may have been liquid damaged in the possession of the previous owner.
    3) See if Apple can confirm who the original reseller was and they can hopefully advise the best course of action.

    It's also worth reminding that consumer law is not an extended warranty so don't consider it as such.

    If it's confirmed that the product failed of its own accord and you have the POP from the original reseller, this is certainly your best chance to get the product repaired or replaced under consumer law.

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