Ultimate iMac playing eight 720p videos simultaneously at native resolution

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mrfoof82, Jun 16, 2011.

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    So with two 27" displays, you have 5120x1440 pixels. This is enough real estate to tile eight 720p videos in a four-by-two arrangement, at the proper scale (100%).

    I thought it would be "cute" to actually do that for the hell of it. I mean, sometimes I need to catch up on a season of Top Gear -- why not watch all the episodes at once?

    Video is actually stored on the internal HDD, not the SSD (my iTunes Library's Movies, Podcasts, TV Shows and iTunes U is symlinked to point to the HDD).


    CPU Utilization? 18-20% overall (the QuickTime X process is at 150-170% out of 800%, and the WindowServer process is at 10%). I could actually run this constantly as a "background".
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    I love the i7s. I'm still trying to decide between the i5 and i7 as I'm equal parts poor and cheap.
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