Ultimate tablet up for preorder Oct 3rd


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Jan 9, 2007
ModbookPro is coming soon. I'm sure it is not going to be cheap but I would love to own one, if anything, just because they are totally different. Windows 8 and Lion. Best of both worlds...

An innovative computer modification product, every complete 13.3-inch Modbook Pro* solution incorporates: the original hardware of a new Apple® MacBook® Pro computer running OS X® Mountain Lion (and optionally Microsoft® Windows® 7); a digitizer from the industry leader in pen tablet technology, Wacom®, that offers 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity; and a ForceGlass™ pen interface with a paper-emulating drawing surface. The Modbook Pro is the ideal portable workstation for creative users.



Apple shouldn't have a problem with it. Psystar was selling what was basically hackintoshes, slapping OSX onto machines that weren't certified for it without any permission. These guys are taking actual Apple hardware bought from the store and reconfiguring it into another form factor. It's really nothing more than a souped up aftermarket mod, which is perfectly legal since Apple made their money off the initial sale, and can't control what people do with their stuff after it's left the store.

...and it's tempting.
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