Um, so it's almost 2016 and my Mac Pro has iWorm

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Ravich, Oct 8, 2015.

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    So needing to back up my vintage iPhone 4s so that I could restore my new phone from the backup, I tried and failed to update iTunes. Something about being unable to contact the app store server. So I did a bit of googling and learned of something called iWorm, so I did the simple test and discovered my Mac Pro has the folder/file, dated as created last September (2014).

    I believe about a year ago I needed to edit some text on a business card and didnt know anyone with photoshop at the time, so... you can imagine the rest I'm sure. It was wrong of me and I was smote. I swear there was no itching, burning, or discharge all this time so I didnt think to check (seriously though, I'm pretty appalled that I had literally no idea for a solid 365 days).

    The strange thing to me is how little information I'm able to find out about this. Mainly in that I dont think I've managed to find any articles written any later than October 2014, and most of them are from before apple introduced prevention measures. All information I found says that there's nothing I can do now and a fresh install is the only solution.

    I'd *like* to avoid that if possible, as there's software (legally purchased, I assure you), that's still fussy with newer version of OSX, and I'd like to avoid upgrading my OS until I've verified that all software I use for work will be okay.

    Any chance you all could educate me on what to do?
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