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    Why is a (styleless), active copy of the MacRumors forums on another domain?

    I'm getting links into one of my sites from it because it found my signature in a bunch of posts.

    This site must be running off a copy of your database or something - it's not a simple DNS cockup as it would show the forum name as 'MacRumors' instead of 'MyChildrensHealth'. Also given that its updating instantly, there is no way in hell it's using a scraper.

    Edit: Case in point:
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    Unfortunate side-effect of how Google rates websites - people want to generate (or steal) attractive content.

    Think of it this way - Google really has no idea what any particular web site is for. They do know, however, if there's rich (and popular) search term traffic associated with a site.

    What these people are hoping for is the real traffic that they want will be boosted because of the stolen content.

    Not a very cogent explanation, sorry. If I get time I'll try to post something better.

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