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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mep42, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Hi all, here is the situation, I am needing to get a laptop for school, it will need to handle all of my photography needs ie managing over 10,000 photos, photoshop, light-room, and gaming. I have been working with a budget around $1500, and i built a uMBP 13in. 2.26 4gb, 250gb, apple care, and iwork. That option will really not help me with my needs. I have been looking at other options and refurbs. Getting a new one will also get me free ipod which i will sell and that will help with the price. The computer that would work great for me is a 15 inch uMBP 2.53 4gb 320gb hard drive at 7200rpm which will help with moving photos and with everything i stated above extra it comes to $2000 and the tax does not matter its a tax free weekend. So with ipod sold it brings it down to about $1800 or a little more, so I would have to add $300 out of my pocket and then I will have to spend $200 for software. So should I just spend the extra money and get what I can use for a long time or just save the money and get something that will do, but will not be great for everything?

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    These might help.

    I'd say wait, the screen size is a huge difference. Have you looked at upgrading the hard drive/ram yourself?
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    I have to say if you can swing it, get the 15" MBP, you'll be happier you did because of the screen real estate.

    To help cut corners on the price, don't upgrade the HD to a faster model just yet. First off apple charges a ton of money for the HD and you can get a fast drive for way less at

    Also look into using openoffice (or neooffice) instead of getting an office suite. I use them and find them better on the mac then MS Office or iWork. Plus the price is right - $0

    I've used Aperture, photoshop and now Lightroom (I've switched over from aperture to LR) and when I had a 13" MacBook, I found PS to be much too constrained by the small screen.
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    Aug 4, 2008
    i am thinking for the money, to get a super powerful PC machine and just get an refurb air.
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    Exactly right, If you think a 13" uMBP won't be sufficient, an Air will be even less sufficient, or efficient for that matter. One USB port? A Small HDD? Low Battery life? You need high levels of all these things.

    If you're on a budget, go for a refurb 15" uMBP, however if you can strap out the cash and wait for a refurb, get the new 15" uMBP and wait to get your $200 back.

    Good luck (y)

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