uMBP Harddrive Failure

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    Here is how it goes.

    I purchased a refurbished 15" uMBP. It came with a 250 gig 5400rpm hdd. I replaced it with a 320 gig 7200rpm hdd. I took the 250 hdd and put it into my Mac mini. It worked well for a few months and two weeks ago I reformatted it with snow leopard and now it wont boot. I get the apple logo and the little spinny wheel but that is all. Wont load into desktop. I put in a 80 gig hdd reformatted it and it boots and works fine. I put the 250 hdd in an external case and attached it with usb and it taked 5mins to open the drive. Half the time it does not come up as an external drive.

    So my question is, will apple replace the 250 hdd because it is the original hdd from the uMBP of am I out of luck because I have taken it out?
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    Put the drive back in the MacBook Pro. Since you said it has a fresh Snow Leopard install on it (albeit a non-functional one) you can then call AppleCare and see about warranty replacement.

    Be prepared for them to ask you to do another fresh install.

    P.S. Put your MBP drive in an external enclosure while you have the non-functioning drive in. It will be bootable and your notebook will at least be usable while you try to get your warranty issues sorted.

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