Resolved Unable to boot after backup?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by user1690, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    Stumbled upon what im finding to be an odd issue.

    I finished backing up my PPC MDD G4 as per usual, i rebooted after verifying the backup and everything was fine until the system semi-locked up (Able to move mouse and access folders, everything else froze). I forced a shutdown and went to startup, and now im not able to boot. I am presented with a kernel panic which states "Unable to find driver for this platform".

    If memory serves, this means the system wasnt able to find the PPC code for the operating system to continue booting up, this (so i hear) is usually caused by a corrupt OS or an incorrect install disk used or a failing hard disk.

    I'm currently restoring the backup i just made to see if that helps but i'm also curious as to what you guys think may be going on?

    If it helps, here is my usual backup procedure and system specs:

    1.) Startup from a secondary internal HDD with a stripped down (removed unnessecary applications) copy of Leopard.

    2.) Run defragmentation software (SpeedTools Utilities Pro)

    3.) Run Disk Utility to "Verify Disk"

    4.) Still using disk utility, create a new image of "Macintosh HD"

    5.) Verify the created image

    6.) Reboot from "Macintosh HD" and run "BRU LE" to move the saved image to a data cartridge.

    I got as far as 6.)

    System Specs: MDD G4 1.25GHz Dual Core - 2GB RAM - 10.5.8 Leopard
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    All of my suspicion would be on this program. You've probably heard all the admonishments about how OS X does not need defragging because it defrags on the fly. How old is Speed Tools and for which version of OS X was it meant? Does it support Leopard?

    I suspect the defrag probably moved a file, or portions of a file somewhere and things did not get properly connected again.

    It seems like you have a pretty good habit of backing up (good habit to have). I might suggest an alternative to Speedtools. Rather than defragging, buy a copy of DiskWarrior and use DW. You can boot from the DW disk and run DW from there. DW does all the Repair Disk stuff that Disk Utility does, but it also finds all your data and creates a fresh disk directory.

    From there I'd backup the drive because it has a fresh directory.

    Just my two cents on that. But, I've been using DW for the last seven years and it's been a tremendous help. I use it in my regular maintenance at work each week and it's one of the reasons the Macs here have almost never had to have a reinstall of the OS.
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    I agree with your diagnosis that it is very highly likely to be the SpeedTools program because the backup restore solved the problem. I have heard issues with defragging but because I didn't have such a serious problem as this until today I thought nothing of it. I will avoid using SpeedTools now when I'm doing backups.

    -Thanks for your response and suggestions!

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