Unable to boot Mac os x from installation DVD

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by h3kt0p, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Jan 19, 2011
    i have a macbook pro (mid 2010) and i wanted to install a nice and clean mac os x bec i am thinking on selling it, but when i insert the mac os x install disk and press the c button... the disc spins for like 20 seconds and i can see the apple in the screen but that's when it gets stuck, the disk stops spinning and the only thing i can see is the apple in the middle... i've already tried a bootable flash memory with the mac os x intallation dvd but the same thing happens... so i formated the DD to see if this could help but samething happens... any ideas?
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    Jan 13, 2011
    Your answer is in the search button. If you can't search, take it to the Apple store. It's still under warranty. No need to get your panties in a bunch, these are the facts.

    If in fact these are not the facts, use the search button and the Apple store.
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    2010 Macbook Pro not installing OS X from Original System Discs - Broken Folder Icon

    I've searched for the past two days which lead me here. To the previous poster - if you don't have something constructive to add then refrain from posting - please!

    Here's my account.

    I've got mid 2010 built i5's (15" and 17" Hardware Build 10D2094 & EFI MBP61.0057.B0C) models that are not reinstalling an OS from either set of original Apple system discs. Both sets 10.6.3 Version 1.0 (2Z61-6582-A). I've gone as far as trying V.2 (2Z691-6694-A) from the winter production 2010 i5's.

    The current OS X is 10.6.6 on the 15" and 10.6.7 on the 17". The most current retail OS X set you can buy is 10.6.3 (2Z691-6634-A), and in theory should boot this machine but will not as others have found. It's due to the fact that this was an earlier release of 10.6.3 and doesn't have the drivers shipped with the i5/i7 Macbook Pro's. Apple will probably not update beyond as Lion 10.7 will be out shortly. As a note when requesting a replacement set of discs from Apple they will send the generic retail 10.6.3 (2Z691-6634-A) or at least that's been the experience one of my clients had.

    When attempting to boot from the original gray system discs it spins up the optical drive for 40 seconds, launching the gray screen with Apple logo and the sundial. After which the optical drive stops and 30 seconds later the Broken Folder (round circle w/line) appears, leaving the sundial spinning to eternity.

    I can reinstall a clone image over Firewire from an external drive using Super Duper, Carbon Cloner, CopyCatx, but can't install a fresh OS X from the original system discs.

    I have tried booting from the C, and Option keys on start-up. I've attempted to install it from the mounted system disc on the desktop while booted from the internal HD - which loops back and reboots the computer to the HD.

    I've also used terminal to boot to a USB dmg image of the original system disc which loops this back around to the OS X on the hard drive. This tells me it's not a media OR optical drive issue - but potentially an EFI issue.

    I've read a comment on another board stating someone tried the 2011 i7 10.6.6 system discs on their 2010 Macbook Pro and they got to an install screen. I can tell you that's hard to believe. I've got a set of 2011 i7 10.6.6 (2Z691-6806-A) from my newer 15" that I wanted to test that theory with, and you get the general wrong disc set error and loop back to the OS X on the internal HD.

    1)Using Disk Utility, create a dmg of the original system discs and save to desktop.
    2)Using Disk Utility create a 12GB partition to the internal HD.
    3)Using SuperDuper copy the dmg to the new partition. This added the boot.efi files to the partition so it will boot.

    While booted to the original OS X you can access the original system disc dmg on the 12GB partition. From there you can start the installation and access the Utilites menu - allowing you to reformat the original HD space and install a fresh OS X.

    This solution is similar to what PC manufacturers are doing by building in a system restore partition. It might not be a pretty solution but if you're not near an Apple Genius it will work.

    Also to note that while searching the various forums - until people start giving more detailed information as to the Macbook Pro model, Hardware Build ID, EFI version, Disc Set numbers/vs., and the current OS X on their computers, it's really hard to tell if there's some pattern here.

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    Apr 27, 2012
    Hi, highjnx!

    I'm having this build issue right here.

    do you have any idea in how i can get an image of the original system discs? are this copy with you? do you know if i could get them somewhere in the internet?

    Thanks in advance!

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