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May 24, 2013
Was with Sky just over a week ago and this machine connected fine to their router. Bt sales guy says everyone has to rent from them so everything will work better .....oh yeah........been on the phone to them 3 nights running....complete nightmare...

Does anyone know what i need to do to - Unable to connect mac tower 10.4.11 to new BT Hub 4 - please?

Wish I never changed from sky to bt


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May 24, 2013
Via wifi


Via wifi or ethernet? wifi

Do you have any other computers that are connected? If so, can you access the router configuration page?

Yes an old mac book and a windows 7 toshiba. Yes I can access the router config page.


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May 24, 2013
Have you tried to configure the connection manually?

Maybe you should list what you've tried so far.

Ok Im at work at the moment but briefly as I am no guru I will list what ive tried.

On clicking the airport which is on I then click on Bt hUb 4 which then brings up a box to put in the key. Above this it says WEP which im not sure what that means.

I put the key in and it says connecting. It then comes up with an error saying unable to connect to Bt hub 4.

On trying through the network thingy I have moved bt hub 4 to the top of the list and tried again. It comes back saying you have either put in the wrong password - which i cant have as other equipment has the same password. It also says couls be out of range which I find hard to believe as my son has a ps3 sitting next to it which connects and it also connected through sky no probs.

The first time i called Bt tech line the guy said he done a fix at his end and said he was confident it would work and he wouldnt let me try it out. The 2nd time a girl had me into the router page trying refresh and she kept on saying it could be the wrong frequency and after an hour she gave up. Last night i called them back as the promised call back to me never happened and another girl passed me to level 2 - this guy said he was not trained in mac 10.4.11 so he would transfer me to the techie tech and advised me this may cost me but they were closed as they had a technical problem. I nearly fell off the chair when he said this so he says ive to call them again.

This aint easy as I have a scottish accent and this sounds like an Indian helpdesk and communication is not plain sailing.

On top of all of this I couldnt even access the new email account they gave me or get paper less billing as when the sales guy took the details he misspelled them and my mothers maiden name. Great customer service not.

When you try to cancel the subsription you hold on the phone for over 30 minutes and no one answers so that is very frustrating too. So you cant even cancel.......haahahah.

I could give you a few more laughs but thats it for now...appreciate your help and can list more tonight when I get home.


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Feb 15, 2009
Toronto, Canada
Seems a few posts show the BT WiFi routers are pants.
See if a firmware update exists, or exchange the router.
Wired Cat5e instead of WiFi, personally this is what I do for all my stationary devices.
Set the router up as a gateway (modem only) and use an Apple AirPort Express as the router.


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
An Ethernet connection would be a lot faster for sure. Also, I'd bet you'd be up and running as soon as you plug it in.

That old Mac's Airport card won't be able to connect to anything that's using WPA-2 for security and maybe not even WPA. Log onto the router and change the security type to WEP if you really need to connect the tower via wireless.

It's not really an OS version's the wireless hardware inside.

There are a few other options to get you going, but these are the ones to try first.
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