Unable to create new system partition or error 0x80300001 during bootcamp install

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by theSeb, Oct 19, 2012.

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    No matter what I do I simply cannot install Windows 7 on my rMBP. I've done this before many times on my other Macs (MBP with super drive and Mini without one) so I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here.

    I've created an ISO, I've let Bootcamp Assistant create a USB installer with the support files and then created the partition. In the windows installer I follow the usual method of formatting the FAT 32 Bootcamp partition into NTFS. I've even double checked Apple's bootcamp guide and that's exactly what it says one should do. And then that's when the problems start.

    If I try to install to that partition, I get a "Setup was unable to create a new system partition blah bla". Ok, not good.

    So I searched around and other people have had this problem too. It seems related to having a USB device plugged. Ok. I remember having problems with installing Windows on my Mini when I had a FW external drive plugged so I thought that may be a problem. Apparently the solution is to just unplug the USB stick during the install.

    No, because then you get error 0x80300001. Now you can google this and find that other people have had the problem when installing on PCs, but none of the information is something that one can actually do anything with on a Mac.

    Does anyone have any ideas, because this is driving me insane! :mad: :mad:

    Edit: I am ashamed to say that I've given up, because I don't normally let technology get the better of me. I've used Winclone to clone an existing bootcamp partition from one of my other Macs and put it onto the rMBP's bootcamp partition. Then I reinstalled bootcamp support files in Windows and things seem to be working. Now I just have to phone Microsoft because Windows Activation is not happy about the new hardware.
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    Possible solution

    Hi, I was trying to install Windows 8 x64 on a Mac Book Pro with BootCamp and also came across the 0x80300001 error when working with the partitioning dialogue in the Windows 8 installer interface.

    I was originally using a USB 3.0 memory stick but switched to a USB 2.0 stick with the same files on (i just copied them across to save rebuilding the support files).

    All well now.


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