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  1. blairh, May 22, 2016
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    I'm having problems downloading some songs onto my iPhone from iCloud. I've attached screenshots of the issue. A small circle with spaces in it will appear next to the name of the song. Removing the album entirely from my downloads and attempting to re-download the album causes the same songs to not download. It just keeps attempting to download the songs in question to no avail. I can continue to download other songs with no problems. Exiting the app entirely from the multitasking menu and reattempting makes no difference.

    Update: The two songs in question were uploaded during initial iTunes Match upload. The rest of the album was matched.

    Update 2: I deleted both songs from iCloud from my Mac. I downloaded both songs back onto my Mac. Then they uploaded via iTunes Match. And then they downloaded onto my iPhone with no problems.

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    happened to me too and now i cant even enable iCloud Music Library anymore on top of it

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