Unable to format comments in Numbers 3.5.2

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    I have a 12-page household budget spreadsheet. Next to each page, I have a comment that serves as a financial to-do list for that month. As is the case with to-do lists, it is beneficial to be able to differentiate at a glance the done items from the yet-to-be-done items.

    In the previous version of Numbers, I simply would bold the text to do this. I also could have changed the font color, I suppose. But after upgrading to 3.5.2, I am unable to apply any colors or font styles to text in comments. Highlighting the text and trying to hit command-B doesn't work, nor does highlighting text and then opening the colors or fonts windows.

    Is there seriously no way to do this? Do these comments really have less flexibility than Stickies?
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    Are these comments in a text box or in a cell in the spread sheet?

    I also have Numbers 3.5.2 and I just tried this and it works fine. In the upper right I select the Format icon then the Text tab. There are options for bold, italic, color, etc. I also tried command-B and that worked as well, both with text in a cell and text in a text box.

    I don't know what is going on with your system but it is not a generic issue.

    Try to create a new spread sheet and then format some simple text as a test. It might be something corrupted in that particular document and not a problem with Numbers.

    I've used iWork for a long time and I haven't seen this kind of issue before.

    Ages ago I had some problems with formatting Keynote documents imported from Powerpoint. That got fixed many versions ago.

    If you have time machine you could try to recover a version of the document from before the time the trouble started and experiment with that.

    Hope it gets fixed for you. Good luck.
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    They're not in a spreadsheet cell — I'm able to format text in those.

    I'm having problems in the Stickie-like notes that are created by clicking the "comment."

    I suppose it's entirely possible I'm misusing the comments. In the previous version of Numbers, I used these in this manner and was able to adjust the text as I saw fit.

    I guess maybe in this version I should instead use the "text" (which I can change the text style of, but haven't yet seen how to change the background color of the box) or even "shape" buttons instead. Just seems weird that this is the only text field I've encountered that doesn't allow for styling.

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    I've never used 'Comments' before so I tried it... it appears they are just simple text. I can't use bold or italics using keyboard shortcuts. If I click anything outside the Comments hover box, the box disappears.

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