Unable to fully delete events from Final Cut Pro X event browser

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Zwhaler, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Jun 10, 2006
    Sometimes when I have used the cmd+delete function in the event browser to delete an event (same as Move Event to Trash right click), it won't actually free the space from my drive. I don't know why this happened before even after quitting the program. I have yet to see the actual content being deleted this way move to the trash, is this normal? It just disappears and I have to hope it eventually gets deleted after quitting Final Cut. That experience led me to start deleting events from the finder inside of the library package folder. But when I do that it does this: (Move Event to Trash is greyed out).

    Since then when I use the normal delete function it frees the space from my drive but I have been hesitant to use it sometimes due to my previous experience. So how do I delete these events? They are not present in the library but only show up here in Final Cut and I can't seem to delete them. This has happened before and over time it eventually went away somehow but I'm wondering if any users here have any experience with this.

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    This happened to me once when I'd deleted the folder via Finder. What I ended up doing, I think, is recreating that folder in Finder, then deleting it again through FCPX. It's been a while though, so there might've been another step in there somewhere. It was definitely frustrating :( Hope you figure it out :(

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