Unable to install Windows 10 with or without Boot Camp


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Nov 15, 2018
I just purchased a 2018 MB Pro 15" and yesterday began the process of installing Windows 10 through bootcamp. I was unable to do so as Boot Camp Assistant would not partition the drive. After a few failed attempts, I found this blog entry detailing how to install windows 10 without Boot Camp.

I followed the instructions there and successfully partitioned the drive and created a USB boot disk. I verified that a Hybrid MBR was not used (it wasn't).

Finally got to the point where I booted from the USB stick. Windows 10 began to install but stopped due to the following error: "windows cannot open the required file install.win".

I figured the file must have been corrupted during the creation of the USB boot disk, so I again downloaded the Windows 10 ISO and created two new USB boot disks on flash drives from different manufacturers.

I tried the installation again and I still received the error that windows couldn't open install.win.

This is where I'm at and I don't know how to proceed. There were many, many other complications up to this point that I was able to troubleshoot, but I'm stuck.

Any advice here? FWIW, the USB drives are formatted as FAT32, per the instructions in the blog. I understand there is a file size limit with FAT32. Could this be the problem? Are there other options available, other than using a flash drive? Thanks in advance.


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Sep 10, 2012
You should go on the Apple website and go on the forums. There are some qualified guys on there that can help you resolve these things. I too had a crazy problem creating a Boot Camp drive and they helped me get it done properly.


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Jul 16, 2013
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if it failed after downloading Windows drivers, in Disk Utility you should see two partitions - OSXRESERVED and partition for windows. From there you can fix it and continue. There is a discussion on Apple official site. You can search for it - I think I cannot provide official link because redirecting from this forum.
Simply said, if you can see it in Disk Utility that two partitions were created. Reformat OSXRESERVED(FAT32) to exFAT and copy all Windows 10 files from mounted ISO image to that partition. Then you can restart system holding Alt key and you can finish your Windows installation.
Or you can try older Windows 10 version from April which is available on official Microsoft site. This version should go fine with Boot Camp without giving an error(I only assume that because I used vastest Windows 10 version which gave me that error with FAT32, file too large).

Mine problem is different. After installation(used latest version of Win10) I get a really bad sound quality.
I have 15" MBP mid 2015(Ati dGPU).


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Jul 23, 2008
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Couple things. It's been a while since I've dealt with Bootcamp, so you'll need to sort out whether you're going to need FAT32, or NTFS, or exFAT for your bootable USB drive -- and USB is the way I would go. Then again, the Windows 10 ISO is only 3 or 4 GB, so I don't see why using FAT32 would be a problem. Don't make your Bootcamp partition FAT32, but it shouldn't matter at all because usually the Windows installer will do an NTFS harddrive format on install.

Something else: unplug every single peripheral from your computer except mouse, keyboard, and the bootable USB flashdrive. Then try again with the Bootcamp install. I've witnessed some very strange Bootcamp problems when other "things" are plugged in and the host controller is trying to sort them out on a reboot. In particular, I have seen external and networked hard drives unquestionably lead to Bootcamp failures.

Now, this probably will not solve your problem. But it's worth a shot. I say this because I have seen multiple failed Bootcamp attempts work after unplugging all peripherals, doing a cold reboot, and then launching the Bootcamp procedure.