Unable to join wifi network or wrong password


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Jul 19, 2015
HI all, i m here to post my question to your attention.
i've an iPhone 5 and I'm noticing some problem with wifi. In particular my phone connects correctly to wifi modems when it is close to the modem, i mean about 3/4 metres. BUT, the iphone cant connect properly ro rhe wifi network when it s far from the mode, something like 5 or more metres. i have to say that the phone shows the networks at the maximum power signal. But when im far from the modem and i try to connect to the wifi modem, i had these error mesages: "unable to join to xxxxxxx" or "wrong password". I type the correct password, and even if i ssr my modem without an encryption, my phone doesnt connect it if far away... I have another iphone ane it connects correctly. I resetted my phone in dfu mode like a new phone, resetted the modem too, changed my wifi antenna into my iphone, nothing works.. This fault occurree some days after i upgrades to 8.4 ios. Anyone with my problem? Could it be ic wifi chip? My bluetooth works okay. Thanks in advsnce


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Mar 4, 2010
I had this with my 1st iPhone 5. Apple had to replace it. All was well after but it wasn't on 8.4. If I remember it was on 7.1.?
Sorry this is maybe not much help to you.
Did you update to 8.4 OTA or through iTunes?