Unable to partition because of files not being movable...

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by carlosbutler, Oct 21, 2008.

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    I have just bought a MacBook second hand and wanted to install Xp on it. When using bootcamp, it says, after deciding what size partition i wanted for XP, that it wouldnt work because it could not move files.

    I have got applecare on my iMac, and rang them up and they kindly helped me on my macbook - they said that if i book a session with an apple genius, they should be able to reinstall leopard for me, even if its for a small price (dont know how much...)

    After looking around on the internet, i found out that i could use carbon clone copy and then copy the hard drive on to my firewire hard drive, boot from that, then partition the actual drive in the macbook and then put everything back some how, dont really know how.

    I was surprised to find that there were not that many issues with anyone else on the forum. Or at least i couldnt find them.

    What should be done?
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    What size partition are you attempting to make and how much free space do you currently have? There are very few (if any) files that can't be moved. It sounds like something else is actually the problem but it's not telling you what it is.
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    Try using Disk Inventory X to hopefully locate the file & delete it ( if not needed ) then try installing windows again, failing that id defrag the HDD with something like iDefrag . The only other method would be to back up your file photo's etc then do an erase & install of OS X. If you cloned over the OS to an external repartitioned then cloned back I'm pretty sure you would be just cloning the problem file back

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