unable to select which ipsw to restore to

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by chill., Jul 28, 2009.

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    I have an iphone 2g that was using 1.14 and unlocked and jailbroken using a t-mobile sim card. i recently downloaded and installed 3.0. however, now when i start my phone it asks for a valid sim card. i am also unable to restore my iphone and downgrade it, because it just uses the 3.0 ipsw by default without any prompt for me to select a different ipsw file.

    how do i get to a 3.0 unlocked iphone from here? do i need to reinstall itunes to that a lower iphone ipsw can be used? do i need to get a valid sim card?

    thanks in advance
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    Hold down the option key, and then click the restore button.
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    Hold down Option/Alt

    I think it's Option or Alt that you hold down when you click Restore to select a specific firmware file. Might be Shift, but I'm digging up memory from over a year ago. It will give you a standard Open File dialog so you can select the ipsw file you want.
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    Jan 8, 2009
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    thank you guys for the quick replies, option/alt is the same button for me and it worked perfectly.

    i must have read over the restore guide like 2-3 times and always skipped over how to do it properly

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