Unable to send emails when not on the same ISP as my outgoing smtp (URGENT)

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    Hi guys, sorry if this isn't the right place to post.

    I run my own small business, which is primarily run through emails. I am currently overseas and I cannot find a way to send an email. My outgoing server is with telstra, so the SMTP is mail.telstra.com. Unless I am connected to a Telstra Bigpond ISP, I cannot send emails. I think they did it to stop spam.

    SURELY there is a way around this. Can anyone help? I have hundreds of emails to reply to and nothing seems to work!

    Thanks you in advance!!
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    I googled telstra smtp overseas and this was one of the top results:

    Here's another:

    I suggest doing the search on your computer to find more.

    One of the main points is that you must have your SMTP server connection setup to use authentication.

    My own ISP started offering SMTP authentication quite a few years ago, but it was optional. Then a few years ago they made it mandatory. Luckily they emailed warnings for several months before the cutoff date, so I had ample time to change the settings and confirm they worked.

    The other alternative I saw mentioned in the search results was to use web-based mail in your browser. That sounds like it would involved a lot of copying and pasting, if you've already written replies in your Mac mail app, so you might want to prioritize your email replies before heading down that path.
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    Here are some things I would consider...

    1.) If you set things up using IMAP, then your emails will always be on the server.

    2.) If you set things up using IMAP, then you should be able to log into webmail and send emails that way.

    3.) If you have a VPN installed, then when overseas you can select a VPN server back in your home country, and then maybe your email provider will chill out.

    4.) if you run a *real* business, then consider hosting your website and email on your own Virtual Private Server (VPS), and then you can better control your environment and remote access. Although make sure you have a kick ass web host, because securing your own server and email can be a risk in and of itself. Even so, why be at the mercy of AT&T like I have been or your provider? Grab the ring good man, and take control of your email!

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    Do you have an Apple iCloud* email address? If so use that for replying to emails while overseas (until you resolve the Telstra issue). In Mac Mail you can select which sender email to use when you compose/reply to an email.
    Maybe Add or edit your email signature file to include mention that you are temporarily using the iCloud email address because your Telstra one is not working, otherwise recipients might be suspicious of an unknown email address.

    * You just need an Apple ID for this and your email address is yourappleid@icloud.com. Note that @icloud.com, @me.com and even @mac.com use the same Apple ID email account. @icloud is best to use these days.

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