iPhone 6(S)(+) Unable to synch to iTunes for restore


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Sep 27, 2018

My wife has a new to us Iphone 6 that we picked up second hand. The phone seems to be perfectly fine. I have tried to restore the phone from a previous back up and have had zero luck. I am currently running High Sierra 10.13.6 on my MacBook late 2011

I have tried to synch via cable, and I have tried NUMEROUS cables, no dice.
I have been able to synch my Iphone 7, with no problems.
I have tried resetting the location and privacy on her Iphone 6 and iTunes says trust this phone and I say yes, and then nothing. The phone icon does not show up.

I have tried rebooting the laptop, rebooting the phone, I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but this is driving me crazy.

Any help is much appreciated.



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Oct 9, 2014
Keep it awake during the whole process.

You can do that in the brightness screen setting by turning off the auto sleep feature. That worked for me with older devices.