Unable to uninstall Windows partition via Bootcamp, PLZ HELP

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by nirmal3913, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    So I have wasted my whole Saturday fixing this up.

    I am trying to uninstall windows partition from my imac late 2012.

    I am following this guide - http://www.iclarified.com/20949/how-to-remove-a-windows-boot-camp-partition-from -your-mac

    however I cannot tick the last box which reads "Install or remove Windows 7 .... " its totally Grayed out. [screenshot attached] Please guide me how do I remove the partition when I am not able to check the last option.

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    Usually that means the partition has been erased already; i.e. maybe you did something in Disk Utility before doing these steps. What version of macOS are you running? That's in Apple () menu > About This Mac

    If you're running El Capitan 10.11 or higher, Disk Utility will let you delete the old Boot Camp partition and re-size your macOS partition to fill the space. Make sure you have a backup of your macOS side first, then check the old Boot Camp partition. Does it show a format of Windows NT File System (NTFS), or does it say "Unallocated"? If it's unallocated, you've deleted it already - if it's NTFS, delete the partition.

    Then resize the macOS volume to regain the empty space - https://support.apple.com/kb/PH22240 shows how.

    If you're on OS X 10.10 or lower, it's more complicated.
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    I'm trying to install Windows through Bootcamp and unable to. If anyone can help; screenshots attached.

    IMG_4323.JPG IMG_4323.JPG IMG_0965.JPG IMG_4765.JPG

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