Unaccounted for Hard Drive Space (on SSD)

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    Hi there, I'm having a similar problem to those that many experience due to Time Machine or other causes but having tried many of the solutions posted in other threads I'm still unable to account for about 18gb of space (which makes a difference on a 128gb SSD).

    I've included an image below from WhatSize demonstrating the problem, any suggestions would be much appreciated. At the moment I have TimeMachine off so no local backups as I read this wasn't necessarily good for the SSDs write count.

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    Click on the Apple at the top left then About This Mac then More Info... then the Storage tab. You will see a screen like I posted below.

    The purple space I marked will show how much space is being used by Time Machine's MobileBackups feature. Does yours show anything there?

    If you want to zero this out just turn Time Machine off then back on and it will clear it. You don't really need to do that unless it just makes you feel better having it cleared, as Lion will manage that space on its own. If the system needs that space Lion will automatically thin MobileBackups to make room.

    Also, don't sweat wearing out your SSD with this. While it is true there is a finite number of write cycles on SSDs, you are not going to hit that limit for many many years.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, turns out I had put an iPhoto library in to another account for my dad a while back and forgotten about it. It didn't show up under WhatSize as I didn't have it in Admin mode, did it again in admin mode and that showed me.

    Thanks again for your posts, I had done both of your suggestions previously and it was the extra iPhoto library that made up the difference. Also thanks for the tip about the SSD. :)

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