Unactivated iPhone 5 unlocking?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RobaLonches, Nov 5, 2013.

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    First, a little backstory -
    Recently, I broke my iPhone 5's screen. I had the accidental protection from Best Buy which I used to get it fixed. During the time of the repair, my family who shared to family plan with AT&T decided to switch to Tmobile. I took that opportunity to pick up a 5C. To my surprise however, Best Buy was incapable of repairing my iPhone 5 so they gave me a brand new unit. I'm still on a contract with AT&T so I was going to sell the new iPhone 5 and use that money to cancel my contract with them. With that in mind, I went ahead and asked the Geek Squad guys not to activate my phone so that it stays in the perfect and new condition. When I went to the AT&T Customer Device Unlock Request Form, I see that they ask for phone number, which is currently not on this device.

    Three questions, is unlocking an unactivated iPhone 5 possible for relatively cheap? Is the resell value of an unlocked iPhone 5 really that much greater than a locked unit? If so, by how much?

    Thanks in advanced for your time :)
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    When you pay the ETF for that line then AT&T will officially unlock that iPhone.
    Then you wont have to pay to purchase an unlock. AT&T 3rd party unlocks currently are over $100 so very expensive.
    The cheap and fast AT&T iPhone unlocks are over.
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    As mentioned in another post I unlocked 2 unactivated iPhone 5s the other day through AT&T. They're both showing unlocked on I MEI websites. However when I went to turn the phone on yesterday and insert an international Sim nothing happened it didn't work. I've tried to do a restore in iTunes as well as network refresh still nothing. Anyone know what the issue can be? This is the same issue on both phones
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    Did you ever hear anything or figure out what was wrong?

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