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Discussion in 'iMac' started by davidjearly, Oct 25, 2012.

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    In the end.

    I'll cut to the chase. My 27" 2010 iMac has been laced with faults from the beginning but I've also had some use out of it over the past two years. Recently, the same fault with the GPU reappeared and I went as far as Executive Relations to try and get it swapped out as I thought the machine was a lemon.

    Unusually, Executive Relations were useless and completely refused to help me other than repair it again. I didn't accept this, and instead emailed the store manager at the Apple store I purchased from. He asked if he could take a look at it and I agreed. So, yesterday morning, only an hour or so after speaking to him, he had a specialist courier collect the iMac from me to save me lugging it into store.

    After a couple of hours, I got an email from him stating they'd replaced several parts and were running extended tests on it overnight. First thing this morning, I get another email telling me that their extended tests have revealed it is broken beyond repair and they are just going to replace it for me. This was at 11am.

    I was offered the 27" 2011 model and upgraded to the top of the line version (3.1GHz). In addition, I have been given a brand new, full 3 year warranty on this new machine. This alone was an excellent gesture.

    However, less than 1 hour after the manager doing the exchange and receiving the new receipt for my new imac via email - a courier arrives at my door with the iMac. The store is about 40 minutes away by car.

    Stunning service. Just stunning. All in all, it was less than 24 hours and I didn't even have to leave the house.
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    Now that's how you keep a customer. 2 years of pain won't be erased, but at least you can now feel like you've been treated with respect and been given a level of customer service that is simply unheard of with other companies.

    Well done. I'm also sure it had something to do with how you dealt with them as well, ie. you weren't an ****** to them.

    Enjoy the new machine!
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    Sep 10, 2012
    Well done, David.

    That's great news.

    Hope the new machine will be problem free so that you can enjoy it!
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    That is an amazing story that I can fully understand the weight of. Congrats to you man!

    Sorry, this is a bit OT (not Apple/iMac related, but customer service related).

    I ride motocross. Nine years ago I bought an entire set of brand new Fox Racing gear to go ride my Dad's new bike. The entire set cost about $700 (pants, jersey, gloves, boots, and chest protector). Well, I crashed by brains out and ruined all the gear by the rear tire spinning freely on my back (burns and scars to prove it).

    I contacted Fox Racing's customer service department with a letter. I attached my receipt and pictures of my injuries and the gear after the crash. Within 2 days a rep called me on my cell phone. She said they only replace manufacturing defective gear, and my gear was not caused by faulty manufacturing. She did say that she was bummed to read my story and she fully replaced the entire set of gear without requiring anything else from me. She didn't have the gloves I wanted because I bought the previous year's model because it was cheaper. So, she gave me the same colorway in the newest model. It was incredible.

    They won my respect and loyalty with such a gesture. Needless to say, I still use Fox Racing gear for my riding gear and 1/2 of my closet is Fox Racing apparel: beanies, tshirts (easily 10+), hoodies, pants, shoes, hats, etc. With great customer service, you can change someone forever. Whenever someone asks why I have so much Fox Racing stuff, I immediately tell them, "Fox had my back when I really needed them to, so I will have their back until they give me a reason not to."
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    Wow, this thing just flies compared to my old lemon! Thanks for the comments, it's nice when situations like these end well.
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    Hello David...I'm really pleased to read this. For future reference, was this the Buchanan Street store? It will be good to know where to go in future for good service.

    Enjoy your new machine!
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    Times like this i kick myself for buying my 17in mbp at bestbuy and not getting apple care. I've taken it in a few times and even tried to see if they could refurbish it for me... honestly do think i got a lemon since i have had nothing but problems with it. Im still a loyal customer, just wish they didn't treat my MBP as a ugly stepchild because i purchased it elsewhere.
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    Apr 19, 2012
    Apple care is soooooo worth it's money in gold!! I haven't had any warranty repairs knock on wood but the phone support is worth it alone. When I bought my iMac was literally $10 short for AppleCare the sales rep said he is gonna work something out. Called me back 10 mins later he gave me government discount and knocked price of apple care to $129! I was totally blown away saved me well over $100. Had enough left to get me a new external ssd. Love apple totally sold try that with a dell sales rep
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    It was indeed. Still shocked at how fast they got the replacement out to me. It's as though they keep a supply of TNT drivers in their stock room! The new imac just flies! Ordered 12GB memory to complete it!

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