Unclaimed, unopened iPhone 4S

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    Nov 24, 2011
    About 3 or 4 weeks ago, a package was sent to my work addressed to the company I work for. No specific name was listed on the shipping label. I work with the mailroom, so I see all kinds of packages come in. In these situations, we open the packages to determine who it belongs to. When I cracked it open, I saw that it was an iphone 4S, and on the accompanying packing slip, no name was listed. However, there was a phone number on the packing slip. I've left 4 or 5 voicemail messages with the rightful owner but to no avail. And unfortunately, the voicemail has not been set up with a personalized greeting. I've contacted Fed Ex (who delivered the package) and Verizon (who shipped the package). Each was unable to give me a name associated with the phone. In most instances, someone would come forward within a day or two wondering where their missing package was (particularly with something like a brand new phone).

    How can I track down the owner? Or is this an early Christmas gift?
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    You should contact verizon.
    If the phone is reported lost or stolen you will not be able to activate it with another verizon line anyway.

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