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    Sep 20, 2007
    I'm confused by file sharing on Leopard 5.2

    I've created drop off folders on 2 MBPs in my home/office network. Both users have read&write permission to these folders.

    If I connect to the second computer - create a folder in that person's drop off box & then add files.. then if the person tries to modify the files - they cannot because they appear to not have permission. I don't understand why when we both have permission to these Main Drop Folders.

    This is happening in a few other file sharing instances as well.

    What am I doing wrong??
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    To modify files you must also have execute permissions. Also, the drop folders must have the same or greater permissions to the inside folders, and to open a folder, you must have Execute permissions.

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    Meh, all that is waaaay too much work. My buddy and I just share our entire hard drives (or any folder you like) and then connect as each other. The systems show up in the sidebar, i have full read/write access to his entire system, and he to mine, and transferring files is a snap.

    Obviously, this massively open door policy doesn't work for everyone, but going from full access to limited access is not too hard.
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    Sep 20, 2007
    There are two people on this network

    a DropBox folder on each MBP

    both people have Read&Write privileges to both these folders.

    if someone creates a folder in the other's DropBox
    then that person cannot open it - without opening info & adding himself to permissions


    if a file is modified it cannot be re-saved to the DropBox for where it came. Even if I add myself to the permissions list for that file??

    What is Execute permissions btw?
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    (I thought by the thread title you were looking for donations to buy a Mac :eek:)

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