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Mar 20, 2018
I have successfully undervolted the CPU, iGPU, and CPU cache using VoltageShift on my late 2013 15" MBP running Big Sur. I had to flash a patched EFI using a physical programmer in order to unlock the undervolting which was locked with a Big Sur firmware update. If you want to learn more about that, you can find that info here:

I am wondering if anyone knows how to undervolt the dedicated GPU (NVIDIA in my case) as well in MacOS. People seem to have no problems doing this on Windows running Bootcamp but I'm not interested in that. I'd like to do it on MacOS. The reason is I sometimes use this laptop in higher temperature ambient environments and the laptop gets pretty hot running an external 4k monitor. Undervolting the CPU and PTM7950 thermal interface has improved this greatly but I'd like to do everything I can. Interestingly the CPU/GPU temps are actually great (in the 60-70s) but the VRMs get really hot, so reducing the power supply needed to the GPU should help.
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