Undesirable behavior in iTunes 11

Discussion in 'iPod' started by puma1552, Sep 9, 2013.

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    I have 1921 songs in my iTunes library. My iPods mirror my library to a "T", always have.

    I just created a new playlist (570 songs) in iTunes. I plugged in my 30 gig 5.5 gen iPod and my iPod classic and just put the new playlist on each (didn't sync any new songs, just a new playlist from what was already in my library) - that was all I did - and now all of a sudden I have 1944 songs on those two devices, so I somehow managed to get 23 duplicates just by creating a playlist in iTunes from the songs within my library and syncing it to the devices.

    I then plugged in my iPad and iPhone and copied the new playlist to those, and those oddly enough show the correct 1921 songs, as they should.

    This happened the other day too - the other day I replaced a playlist with an updated version with just a couple new songs I bought from iTunes, and I ended up getting a similar duplicate issue after syncing the new playlist. I ended up deleting all the music on the classic and the 30 gig, and just resynced the whole damn thing (just deleted everything, not a full iPod reformat). Now I have the exact same issue again.

    What gives? I can certainly scroll through 2000 songs and find the duplicates and delete them from each iPod, but it's just going to happen again. Is my only option to do a full reformat and have to redo everything on each iPod?

    I can understand how you can have two seemingly similar songs that have some minute change resulting in a duplicate (especially if you have a version on the iPod then make a tweak in iTunes and resync to the iPod, sure that gives a duplicate as it should), but I'm getting straight up duplicates on the iPod from an iTunes library that has no duplicates, and I started with empty iPods the other day. What the heck?
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    I don't know, and I see no one has responded to you, so I'll give you a bump and ask why my iPod Classic is not syncing with iTunes 11.1 on Mac OS 10.6.8?

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