Unhappy Apple customers considering to switch


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Oct 13, 2013
I would like to have this thread dedicated to us once happy apple customers who are now considering to switch from the Apple ecosystem as simply apple no longer has an added value. Lets divide this thread into 4 sections :


Tablets / Phablets



Let us know what you are using and what other HW did work the best for you in comparison to the previous apple hw you have used.

For me :

I don't really need a phone so i am not in this category. But i would probably buy something like Lumia 830. I still own iphone 4s and it performs like a crap. I would be happy if i could have stayed with iOS 6. For a 600e phone at that time it was a ****** investment.

I am mostly interested in this category. I have owned iPad 1st and 2nd gen. Would not consider buying a one again.
I would prefer a windows phone device but all of them are pretty outaded in terms of spec so would not be a good investment imho...but was thinking about Lumia 1520.

I would probably would not want to buy an android thing as it is performing really really bad...but was considering LG G3, or Note4.

Not in this category.

I really really prefer OS X. The power of a unix and a working one is a dope. I own a 1500e HP ultrabook given by a company and it is really unpleasant to work with it (it's possible it is mainly because windows is so bloated but still...)

I own a late 2013macbook pro and i am using it with 4k samsung monitor. Would not consider anything FHD ...to simply have a huge resolution it's just a pleasant for me....
I am really looking forward to buy a Macbook Retina Air.

What about you guys ?


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Sep 17, 2010
Phone: Xperia Z3 or Z3c. Completely outpace the iPhone in battery life while staying smaller in size and costing $300 less.

Tablet: Nexus 7 2013. Outdated specs but still fast and will get even faster with the Android L update. Cost less than half an iPad. Great entertainment devices.

Desktop: No replacements.

Notebook: No replacements


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Dec 19, 2013
Moto G, unless you need more storage space, LTE, good camera. If more storage space is needed, 32GB Nexus 5(Nexus 5 will have poor battery and Camera, though).

If you want good battery life, more storage, better camera, and LTE, get a Galaxy S5. 16GB with MicroSD expansion, excellent camera, solid battery life.

No question, get the Note 4 or Note 3. Nexus 6 if you want faster updates. Xperia Z Ultra if you don't mind poor camera, but want waterproofing and huge screen.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Nexus 9, or Nexus 7 (2013). Tab S if you want AMOLED (I wish it had an S-pen...), Nexus 9 for cutting edge tech, Nexus 7 for a good value, fairly cheap tablet that will get good support from Google.

Note 12.2 if you want a large-screened device.

Ativ Pro 700t if you can find a good deal. Tablet-PC hybrid with removable keyboard, touchscreen, 1080p screen, and wacom digital stylus. Can usually be found for less than the cost of a Surface Pro 3. Can be found for less than $500.

If price is not an issue, then Surface Pro 3 or Apple Macbook Pro Retina. If Macbook Air Retina (with a screen > 15"), it'd be worth picking up over the other two. If you absolutely must get away from OSX, bootcamp Windows 8 and install a replacement home button (such as classic shell).


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Oct 21, 2008
Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!

Well I left the iPhone 5 after iOS7, hated the OS design changes, also had an iPhone 3GS which developed cracked plastic around the volume rocker - a known Apple issue, my iPhone 5 home button was playing up after about 18 months - a known Apple issue, and my iPhone 5 power button was dodgy after about 13 months - a known Apple issue.

So after the iPhone 5, with it's faulty power button and casing that looked like it had been scraped along a gravel path on it's sides, when all it did was live in my pocket, I ditched iOS for a Nexus 5.


Well I had a 2012 nexus 7, loved it but I don't think it's build quality will hold out plus it was a bit underpowered to run widgets and games all at once etc.
loved the tegra games though, so I bought an iPad Mini Retina through a works scheme, because my Mum has an iPad 3, now whilst I find the iPad 3 to be great bar iOS8, the Retina Mini is a whole other ball game, it's too thin and I can press far too easily to make the LCD screen funny, and I miss the Android back button and the WiFi is pretty rubbish on it too, which others have also complained about, oh and iOS 8 runs like a dog on it..

So I'll give it to my Mum and she can see if she likes it, if not I'll sell it, and I will be getting a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, nice Android again with the back button and also lots of power and RAM to run everything nicely :)


I am typing this as on my yet to be updated to the very latest OSX MacBook Pro, it is the best computer I've ever had and I can only see myself updating to a new MacBook Pro. See no reason to move away from OSX at present.
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Mar 11, 2008
The tight integration between OS X & iOS is second to none. I'd check out the new iOS gear as much has changed since 1st/2nd gen iPads. You won't find the same experience elsewhere. Example: http://youtu.be/JDIoFOF8BWg

Next at least with Android you can configure Google services to approximate fairly decent integration. You might have to use Chrome instead of Safari and make other trade-offs in doing so, for example.

I'm not even sure is it possible to do something as basic as sharing bookmarks between OS X and a Windows mobile device(??)
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May 21, 2012
I float around between devices and opt for what fits me best at that moment.

Had an iPhone 5, tried the S4 but it sucked and it back to the iPhone with the 5S.

Had an iPhone 5S but went to a Samsung S5.

Switched from an iPad 4 to a Nexus 7, but found it lacking and went to iPad Mini Retina.

Went from a Samsung S5 to an iPhone 6, but ultimately opted to remain with my Samsung S5

DEBATING a move from a 2012 Macbook Air to a Surface 3. Still undecided, and I am liking Yosemite quite a bit.


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May 11, 2013
Munich, Germany
Phones: Switched from iPhone to a Nexus4 in 2012, now using a HTC One (m7) converted into a GPE; and I'm quite happy (even though the camera sucks)

Tablets: iPad 2 and a Nexus 7 (2013). The iPad 2 performance is alternating between "okay" and "totally laggy" so I'll replace it soon. I'm still undecided between a new iPad Air (2) or the Nexus 9.

Notebooks: Macboor Air all the way, IMHO there's no better notebook on the market.

Desktops: Gaming PC. Being an avid gamer since the 80s there's no way around a good gaming machine. I'd buy Mac if Appe would offer something for gaming, but I guess they'll never do that.


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Jan 30, 2008
Phones - LG G3. Fantastic phone. After 5 years of iPhones, would find it hard to go back because they are so overpriced now.

Tablets - iPad 3. Barely use it except on holiday, so no need to change it anytime soon. Not bothered much as for my lifestyle it's unnecessary.

Notebooks - MacBook Pro 2011. This is my at home workhorse, especially for my creative outlets. OSX is cool and the machine is pretty rock solid. Couldn't get a Windows/Chrome laptop, no chance really. MacBooks last me 5-7 years, that's value for money in my eyes.

Desktops - Windows 7 all-in-one desktop for work. Windows 7 was the best OS Microsoft made, they tinkered with it far too much on 8, such a shame. Had this desktop for work for 5 years now I think, starting to slow down a touch but otherwise fantastic.


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Aug 1, 2011
Phones: New Moto X for me but still want to try one first

Tablets: getting bored on my iPad mini especially since iOS 8 made it a pile of poo. Least I was able to roll it back to 7.1.2

Desktop: stick with my iMac

Laptop: I have a 13 and 15 inch rMBP and an 11" MBA and wouldnt trade them for anything else.


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Apr 13, 2006
Phone: on iPhone 4s but want something faster and bigger screen. I'm not impressed with the new iPhone 6 or the Plus. I think they are far too thin to be practical and iOS 8 sounds like a nightmare. Apple needs to get rid of the huge bezel too. The biggest gripe for me though is lack of updated ram. Apple just guaranteed there next phone will sell well when they finally add ram IMHO.

Tablet: iPad Air and an old iPad 3 that never got sold. I'm still running iOS 7 because I know from past experience (iPad 1) that new updates from Apple just turn my iToys into a slow mess. And I'm not about to fork over more money for the iPad 2 at this time. Don't even get me started on the lack of ram issue. Safari could use some help...not sure if it's ram or just bad.

Laptop: 2013 MacBook Pro Retina ... Love my MBP but wish we had an option for discreet graphics in this size. Overall I'm happy with my laptop.

Desktop: Gaming Desktop ... Not much to say here. It has Windows 8.1 on it and it plays all my games nicely.

So ATM I'm on the fence and looking for a new cell phone. I'm considering trying the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the new Moto X. If that doesn't work out well then I might just hold onto my slow 4s and see what the future brings. I'm kind of scared to make the leap and afraid not to if that makes sense.

Recommendations appreciated. Thanks


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Feb 27, 2011
First of all, I don't really relate with the title of this thread. I was once an all-in Apple person and now I'm not, but this was never really because I became an unhappy customer. I just started to realise certain alternative devices were more useful or appealing to me.

Laptop/desktop: I still really like macs and os x but after using macs for a few years with Windows virtualisation solutions, I came to realise a dedicated Windows machine is far more useful and efficient for me for work-related reasons. When it comes to my computer, the system that results in the best productivity is the one to go with. For me, that's Windows. My main PC is a ThinkPad T440s.

Phone: Used iPhone for several years. Was never unhappy with iOS, but got a bit bored with lack of variety of iPhone hardware and wanted to try larger screen. Started using Android about a year ago and am very happy with it. I now slightly prefer Android to iOS. I like the variety of hardware and price points. Currently use Galaxy S4 and it serves me just fine, but if i needed a new phone I'd get an Xperia Z3 due to its superior battery life.

Tablet: I've used iPad since the beginning. I only use my tablet for content consumption. Because I feel iPad has best consumption apps of all the tablet platforms, I have no plans to switch from iPad.

TV box: Have used Apple TV for years. But I think I will be switching to Android TV soon as it looks like it will be better than Apple TV.