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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bob5820, Mar 21, 2010.

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    I'm thinking of picking up an SSD and an OptiBay for my late 2009 15" 2.53 MBP. The basic plan is to install the OS, applications, and Win 7 VM on the SSD, and move my home folder to the 500 GB HD. I've been considering two different SSD's based on the reviews I've seen

    Intel X25M 80GB for $220 which is about $2.75 per GB
    Intel X25M 160GB for $489.00 which is about $3.06 per GB
    OWC Enterprise 100GB for $399 which is about $4.00 per GB

    From a cost perspective the 80GB Intel seems like the best bet. From what I've read the OWC has some performance advantages in write and read speeds over the Intel, particularly write speed vs the Intel 80GB (250 MB/sec vs. 70 MB/sec), as well as a small advantage in read speeds. The Sandforce 1500 controller in the OWC also uses 28% over provisioning which if I understand it correctly negates some of the issues of not having TRIM in OSX.

    These performance numbers are probably best case, meaning they were done on a desktop, rather then a laptop. My question is will a laptop like the 2009 MBP allow me to see the performance advantage of the OWC SSD over the 80GB Intel or would the MBP choke off the performance of either drive before they reach their full potential? For that matter if the bandwidth of the laptop is a limiting factor does it make more sense to go with a lower performance, and possibly less costly, SSD?
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    eWiz/superBiiz has the 160GB OEM Intel drive (basically, OEM = all you get is the drive, no screws or anything... but you can re-use your existing drive's bracket and screws) for $429.99 after instant coupon code. That amounts to $2.69/GB, which actually comes in under the 80GB drive by several cents per GB.

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