Unibody MacBook cracks

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ryannel2003, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Well I've owned my unibody refurbished MacBook for nearly 3 months now and it's been a great computer. However I am starting to notice around the hinges that there are tiny cracks that are starting to appear. My question is how long does this take to repair and get back? I don't want to be without a computer too long and the closest Apple store is nearly 100 miles away. This seems to be a common issue and I want to go ahead and get it repaired before it gets any worse.
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    Honestly, you can probably wait for as long as you want before repairing the cracks. I've heard reports of apple replacing plastics for free, even when the computer is out of warranty. It's an issue that apple has always been aware of, but never done anything about to fix for some god awful reason.

    As far as length of time to repair, they may even be able to do it within an hour or two. If you bought the computer 3 months ago, they probably have replacement parts right in the store.
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    Should be a pretty quick fix. I have a similar problem with my Aluminum MacBook, but it isn't enough to really bother me.

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